• Our company has implemented a certification process that represents the basis of our ecological, ethical, and social approach.
    It incorporates the four issues surrounding CSRs: International CSR standards, ISO 26 000 standards, the CERES principles, and the UN guidelines on Business and Human Rights.

  • We favor recyclable, biodegradable or compostable material:
    - Analyzing the product life-cycle according to ISO 14040 to assess the environmental impact of the product.
    - Improving our production’s carbon footprint.
    - Favoring innovative, bio sourced materials.
    - Favoring short-loop production sites and reducing, as much as possible, the carbon footprint linked to production and the logistics of the products that we make, while respecting the client’s budgetary requirements.
    - Controlling the different steps of the life of the product.

    We pay particular attention to sustainable water management, the use of green energies, and waste treatment.

  • Our company is a signatory to a charter of good conduct that guarantees working conditions that comply with the regulations in force and respect Human Rights and diversity.