A cookie is data that is stored on your computer (or a mobile device) by your web browser when you visit new websites, at their request (and other Web servers with whom they interact). It contains identification and navigation data, stored in a file.

The website creationbeauteinternational.fr uses audience measurement cookies issued by Google analytics, page rank and Google maps: the information collected through these cookies allows us to measure the number of visits, the path and interests of our visitors, as well as their frequency of return. We use this data in order to improve our content. These cookies do not allow personal identification of our visitors.

Under no circumstances will the data collected on the website creationbeauteinternational.fr be transferred or sold to third parties for marketing purposes. No email address will be given to a third party, including our partners, except with the written consent of the concerned parties. The data collected through the newsletter is destined for the exclusive use of the website administrator.

By continuing your navigation on our site, you expressly accept the use of the cookies detailed above. However, you may choose to deactivate cookies at any time by configuring your browser. The rules for cookie settings vary between browsers.

Any configuration undertaken on your web browser, concerning the acceptance or refusal of cookies, will be likely to modify your navigation on Internet and on our website, as well as your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of these cookies.
Cookie management settings depend on the browser, so we have detailed the configuration below.

Click on the Settings icon, located in the browser toolbar:

  • Select settings.
  • Click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Under privacy and security, click on the site settings link.

Under Cookies, you can modify the following settings:

  • Delete cookies.
  • Block cookies by default.
  • Allow cookies by default.
  • Define cookie exceptions for certain websites or domains.
  • Click on Tools, then Options.
  • Click on the privacy and Security tab.
  • In the History section, click “Use custom settings for history”.
  • Check the "Accept cookies from sites" and click on Exceptions to choose the websites that are always allowed, or never allowed, to install cookies on your terminal.

To personalize cookie settings for a website:

  • In the Internet Explorer menu, click on tools, then Internet options.
  • Click on the privacy tab, then sites.
  • In the website address zone, type the complete address (URL) of the website, to customize your privacy settings for that website.(For example https://www.thewebsite.com).
  • To allow cookies from a specific website on your computer, click on allow.
  • To block cookies from a specific website on your computer, click on block.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each website that you want to block or allow.
  • When you have finished, click OK twice.
  • Select preferences, advanced, then cookies.
  • Cookie preferences allow you to control the way that Opera manages cookies. The default setting is to allow all cookies.
  • Allowing cookies:
    → All cookies are allowed (by default).).
  • Only allow cookies from websites visited:
    → Third-party cookies, from a domain outside of the one I am visiting, are blocked.
  • Never allow cookies:
    → All cookies are blocked.
  • Go to preferences, then click on privacy, then cookie settings.

Once again, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that deactivating cookies may reduce or prevent access to all or a part of certain functions during your Internet browsing.