Kaloo Parfums - Marques enfants

Kaloo Parfums, the French brand of perfumes for children that awaken the noses of very young children.

In the land of exquisite scents lives the small family of Kaloo perfumes with a universe that is very gentle for mothers, their babies and their elders.
Kaloo magic begins with stuffed animals, made with love. Thus, some of the Kaloo bottles are capped with small plush heads and are specially developed for babies. They are scented waters, alcohol-free and clinically tested.
The little newcomers are the Friends of Kaloo, an Eau de Senteur and an Eau de Toilette often accompanied by a little companion: a puppy, a lamb, an adorable penguin...
For the little ones and their mother, Kaloo is a childhood fragrance that floats in the air like an inexhaustible memory.

Kokeshi by Jeremy Scott - Marques enfants

Kokeshi Parfums, The little Japanese dolls are on their best after their collaboration with the famous American designer Jeremy Scott.

The young designer is known for his offbeat looks and is now one of the thirty most influential celebrities in the fashion world. His colourful designs and iconic clothes have seduced pop singers such as Madonna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Rita Ora...
Jeremy has redesigned the five Kokeshi Eau de Toilette to make them offbeat and trendy.
Each perfume has a message. Kokeshi perfumes will bring you luck, love, friendship, beauty or strength!

Clayeux Parfums - Marques enfants

A little "BADASS", the French brand Clayeux, specialist in knitting for children, talks to the youngest with two Eaux de toilette for girls and boys.

The Clayeux child is having his teenage crisis! His character asserts itself and he assumes his attitude! Clayeux grows up and becomes rebellious. Clayeux fragrances therefore have a strong character. A skull for Bad for Boys and angel wings for Nice for Girls affirm this rock spirit.