Agatha - Marque de designer - Groupe CBI

Faithful to brand’s values, Agatha perfumes embody "the easy chic" à la parisienne.

In three words: elegance, humor and trendy. Developed in several perfumes, the collection glorifies the creative and visionary parisian who is always a step ahead in fashion.
She appears under the mischievous features of Agatha, connected working girl, daring romantic and fashionista. Parisian to her fingertips.
Matching with lucky charm jewelry (a key, a bag, a stiletto and a flower), Agatha perfumes several daily moments, moods, olfactory feelings in paris emblematic places: a morning journey near tuileries garden, a romantic walk along the Seine, a festive drink at Saint–Germain…
These fragrances are the reflection of today parisian: free and modern and ambitious.

Chantal Thomass - Marque de designer - Groupe CBI

Fashion designer, Chantal Thomass is a luxury lingerie brand, both chic and retro that has changed the fashion world.

Desiring something more feminine and sophisticated than the current styles, in 1975 Chantal Thomass created a new lingery brand: She gave her name to it and it made her famous. Her goal was to break with the traditional codes of lingery and to create a special universe: sensual, chic, sexy and impertinent.
Chantal Thomass's objectives have always been to pleased women in every way possible, giving them delicious underthings in luxurious materials, finally allowing them the option to dress up just for nobody but themselves…
Today, Chantal Thomass collaborates with many prestigious brands to develop exclusive capsule collections such as Interflora, Coca-Cola, Kusmi Tea and Maison du Monde, to name a few.
Chantal Thomass fragrances are at the image of the brand: make women feel special, as they were carrying a secret, a delicious and bewitching secret.

LuluCastagnette - Marque de designer - Groupe CBI

Since 1996, teenagers fell in love with LuluCastagnette’s mischievous knitwear collection and its teddy bear mascot. The brand claims a sweet and fun universe, "still inspired by the innocence of childhood", as described by Charles Lahmi , the founder of the brand.

The brand was named after "Lulu", the energetic son of French legendary songwriter Serge Gainsbourg.
Firmly established from the beginning in the french textile industry, LuluCastagnette marked its time but has evolved since, offering its own original universe, mixing an urban feminine style with a touch of insolence.
LuluCastagnette fragrances are developped in accordance with the spirit of brand with freshness, humour and feminity.

Horseball - Marque de designer - Groupe CBI

Horseball signature carries the values of equestrian sport: elegance, refinement and self-esteem.

Appeared in France in the 70’s, Horseball has become the most popular of equestrian sports and entered on the international scene at the end of the 80s. It enjoys today a real success.
Developed in the spirit of that elitist sport, Horseball signature carries the values of equestrian sports: elegance, refinement and self–esteem.
Horseball for women is declined in two collections: the royal collection and the delicate flowers collection. The six fragrances have been inspired by the values of the brand and reflect the elegance of the Horseball.
As for the men collection, it is declined in three fragrances inspired by the confidence of the rider on his horse.

Complices - Marque de designer - Groupe CBI

Complices is a French easygoing Jean’s brand for men, women and children.

Specialist in Jeans, the group has become in a few years the leader on the mass distribution and textile market in France.
Created in 1979, the brand’s visionary has preserved the spirit of freedom and comfort for all its lines. For all generations, Complices represents the desire to communicate and express one’s personality.
Complices fragrances, for men and women reflect their philosophy: liberty, wellbeing and be yourself.